the social q&a

ask openly or chat privately

even anonymously

If you want to know something really personal, just message as Anon. No one will ever know who you are – and you can switch between identities with a toggle. Easy as that.

only real users

We are using Facebook login and phone number verification to protect our users from bullies and spammers.

You can block and report unwanted content anytime – and if you want to make your profile private, it’s just a tap away.


  • points 🌟

    Get points while using the app and see how active others are on Anon.

  • emojis 😎

    Select from hundreds of emojis to choose the perfect one for your question.

  • votes πŸ‘

    Upvote what's relevant, downvote what's not.

  • sleep mode πŸ’€

    Don't want to be disturbed on a trip? Just turn it on and disable asking.