about Anon

Anon is a Budapest-based startup created by three 19 years old high school students. The mission of our company is the reformation of information flow among young people. Our belief is that the present generation needs to know itself and its friends in a new kind of way. Anonymity has a key role in this since thereby they can ask questions and express their opinions without inhibitions.

meet the team

Aron V. Kratochwill

Armin Tagscherer

Tamas Sengel


how is Anon different?

Anon works differently than other Q&As. Your questions appear instantaneously on your friends’ profile and anyone can answer them. You can upvote or downvote others’ questions and answers so everyone can tell which are relevant. You can even send direct messages if you want to ask something more private. This way, Anon is more efficient and social than other similar apps.

why is it more secure?

Our main feature is anonymity, which can be harmful with bad intentions, therefore security is important for us. We use Facebook login and we are planning to introduce other security features to protect you.

how can I collect points in the app?

Our point system works in a way that you couldn’t get yourself points, only others’ activity can increase it.

what happens when I block someone?

We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. When you block someone anonymously, you don’t block them forever. They will be able to contact you after some time. On the other hand, if you block someone with a name, you block them forever, but you can unblock them in the settings.

should I have a public or a private profile?

If you don’t mind others seeing your profile then you should definitely use a public profile, but if you only want certain people who you approved to see questions on your profile and questions which you asked, then you should use a private profile. Either way, they will still be able to ask you a question or send you messages.

what is sleep mode?

You should use Sleep Mode if you temporarily don’t want others to ask questions from you. While the function is activated, every question and answer is hidden from your profile and other users can only contact you via PMs. However, you can’t use the application either until the mode is off.

are you open to investments?

We are open to investments which help our company grow and eager to hear any kind of proposals.

are you hiring?

Yes, the Anon Team has open positions for Android, iOS and backend developers. Just drop an email if you are interested and we will get in touch with you soon.