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ask openly or chat privately

even anonymously

If you want to know something really personal, just message as Anon. No one will ever know who you are – and you can switch between identities with a toggle. Easy as that.

only real users

We are using Facebook login to protect our users from bullies and spammers.

You can block and report unwanted content anytime – and if you want to make your profile private, it’s just a tap away.


  • points 🌟

    Get points while using the app and see how active others are on Anon.

  • emojis 😎

    Select from hundreds of emojis to choose the perfect one for your question.

  • votes πŸ‘

    Upvote what's relevant, downvote what's not.

  • sleep mode πŸ’€

    Don't want to be disturbed on a trip? Just turn it on and disable asking.